Bivouac Camp, Erg Chebbi Dunes


As if riding camels into the desert together was not awesome enough in itself, we got to spend a night in a bivouac camp all by ourselves.  Although it was rather chilly, I think the benefits of travelling in Morocco during off season are worth it and the family experience of having special moments all to ourselves was simply priceless!  At around 3pm we met our guide and our camels at the Yasmina hotel, got all wrapped up in our headscarves to keep the blowing sand at bay and we were up and away.  By up and away I mean literally, the camels have to stand up once you get on, and it is hilarious.  First they get on their knees, and you lean back a bit, then their butt goes way up and you pitch far forward.  Then they get their front legs up and you realize just how high off the…

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Seafood on the coast–


DSCN7901DSCN7846DSCN7845DSCN7827POW!  It’s Essaouira on the coast of Morocco. . .quite possibly the only city on planet Earth that uses all of our vowels in its Anglicized spelling. . .please send me other city names that use all of our vowels, if you can come up with any.

This place is super-chill. . .Jimi Hendrix apparently hung out here back in the day.  Great weather, soothing sea breezes, sweet people, cute town, and seafood galore sitting out on the docks waiting to be cooked up for us to gobble.  If only we could get a beer to go along with this, then this would be close to paradisical, but alas, it is not allowed in this country. . .I will survive, I hope.

I send you extremely cozy and nautical vibes from Essaouira, Morocco. . .feel them. . .they are worthy of your attention.

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!Chilabas, babuchas y let’s rock the road!


The motorbike girl gangs of Morocco- Hassan Hajjaj

Una excelente muestra del fotógrafo marroquí Hassan Hajjaj en la que fusiona lo puramente marroquí y lo occidental, o lo tradicional y lo moderno. Chilabas y  babuchas  ornamentadas con logos de Luis Vuitton y Nike le confiere a sus modelos un look hipster y rockero.

M.Está la mujer moderna funky que deja parte de su cabello descubierta, la mujer con ‘kap-fassi’ (pañuelo que tapa la boca y con la capucha de la chilaba puesta y  la mujer hipster, con su chilaba militar y sus babuchas Luis Vuitton.

Gang Of MarrakeshLas latas de Pepsi, y los envases de la salsa de tomate, reflejan una inevitable y clara inspiración  e influencia de Andy Warhol, quien haya visto la famosísima y retro Campbell’s Soup …..sabrá de que estoy hablando.


Otra cosa, y estoy segura de que solo los marroquíes la pueden captar e identificar: Los históricos sacos de harina marroquí:…

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