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There is no four star hotel on the Copperbelt province. How it is possible for the economic backbone of Zambia to not have a four star hotel remains as unclear to me as Young Thug’s lyrics on the ‘Lifestyle’ song. I expect the provincial capital, Ndola, to have a four star hotel at the very least. The Savoy hotel located in the heart of the city should play this role.


Zambia is a former british colony and it is for this reason I am forced to believe The Savoy Ndola is named after the famous Savoy Hotel in London.

The Savoy London The Savoy London

The Savoy Hotel is a luxury hotel in central London and was opened 1889. It was the first luxury hotel in Britain to have electric lights throughout the building, electric lifts, constant hot and cold running water and several other innovations. This…

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Naturally Surreal

Creative Arts

koi2.1 Surrealist artist Ellen Jewett beautifully melds the natural and the fantastical in these stunningly ornate sculptures in what she calls natural history surrealist sculpture. Striving to use only to use natural, local, and low impact materials—abstaining from anything containing known toxins—she creates a truly holistic approach to the organic in both form and medium.

For more of Ellen’s breathtaking work check out her website.

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Entertainment PR: Way less glitz and barely there glamour

Does that make sense?

So, what do you want to do with that?”

When you ask a group of Public Relations students what it is that they want to do with their degree, a good amount of them are probably going to say that they want to be a publicist to the stars. It’s also what helps other people understand what public relations is.

So, why do so many want to go into entertainment?

The_Hills As I was reading an article on PR Daily, “Glamour? Ha! The realities of entertainment and fashion PR”, they mentioned the MTV show, The Hills. In this show, it shows main characters partying it up with big name entertainers. I admit, I watched The Hills. And for a short time, pretty religiously. I thought that entertainment PR was the greatest job ever. I was young, naïve, and sucked in by “reality” shows. I was also wrong.

The truth:


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Do you have the skills for PR?

Does that make sense?

There’s a variety of skills that you’ll need to succeed in Public Relations. By now, you, like me, may be wondering if you’re qualified enough. Sure, you’re getting the degree but when you read three articles that mention that you don’t always need that Bachelors of Arts, you start wondering:

So you’re telling me I wasted four years when I could’ve just jumped right in?’

Don’t worry! That degree is still helpful and not a waste of time. You spent four years mastering techniques and understanding the professional parts of PR, such as how to write a press release and how to present case studies and never forget the importance of social media. Some of the other skills you need involves being aware of the news, basic communication skills, dealing with pressure, and adapting to new technology.


  1. Being aware of what’s going on in the world

This is important…

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