Sanika Pandit

Note : Sakura means Cherry Blossom in Japanese!

If only my life

Could be spent

Sitting under a Cherry Blossom

Like I have always dreamt

I’ll sit there and fly

On imagination’s wings

Close my eyes

And listen to the birds sing

I’ll have no deadlines

Just a canvas in hand

Paints of shades of pink

A truck load of those cans

I’ll stroke the flowers with one hand

And paint with the other

With each stroke delicate

And as soft as a feather

I’ll click pictures

From every single angle

A snapshot of what is beauty

When genuine and not an actor

The wind will play with me

Make my hair fly

It will bring down the flowers

And in my lap they will lie

It’ll be fun

And so very nice

To be beneath a Cherry tree

At least once in life

P.S. #Lifegoals



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