Memoirs: Caramel Foundations

Memoirs & Musings

Once upon a time, in a distant teenage yesteryear I used Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse. Not knowing how to blend it in, or even what foundation was, I guess it put me off foundation until I properly started wearing make-up in my 20s. I always has this belief that I would only wear it on special occassion. Every day is a special occassion now, you will never know who you will meet or the situations you will encounter.

Love 😍

Illamasqua Creme Foundation  in shade CF240

I really like creme foundations as I find that I’m a nightmare with anything liquid! No matter how many beauty gurus I watch on YouTube I just can’t seem to get the technique. Anyway, this Illamasqua foundation is great because the coverage is more medium to full if you prefer this finish, it isn’t cakey and it works well with my concealer of choice…

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