The Miracle of Argan Oil

Bare Confessions

Argan OilArgan Oil. It’s fantastic. If you aren’t using this by now, you should be.

What’s Argan Oil, you say?

I happened upon this little gem a while back when looking for a way to tame the frizzful mess that I often call my hair. Other than being immensely hydrating and very rejuvenating for dry or damaged locks, it’s also fantastic for just about anything you can think of. Nighttime moisturizer? Check. Skin toning and exfoliating? Easy peasy with a few simple ingredients. Keeping up your healthy hands and nails? You bet. I usually apply a pea sized amount to my face every morning right on top of my daily moisturizer. It’s silky and soothing as heck, and really helps to tone under and around your eyes. If you’re worried about feeling greasy, fret not – this stuff soaks into your skin and dries evenly.

So what’s the deal with this? Well let’s start…

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