Brixton squat on the market for £3,000 a month shows how unaffordable London is

This is just outrageous


Brixton squat Flats in the former Brixton squat is now on the market for up to £3,000 a month (Picture: Google Streetview)

Brixton residents are accusing Lambeth council of making the area unaffordable by not doing enough to create social housing.

In 2013, squatters were evicted from six blocks of Edwardian mansions on Rushcroft road, some of whom had been living there for over 13 years.

Of the 47 flats, 22 were handed to social tenants yesterday.

However, the remaining 25 flats were sold to private developers for £2.5m, according to the Evening Standard.

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Money from the sale went towards the £3.3 million cost of renovating the flats.

What about those flats, then? Well – the prices start at an already eye-watering £1,603 per month for one-bedroom flats, and go all the way to £3,098 for four beds.

They are being let…

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