New Apple update will give us racially diverse emojis


AD_161027403.jpg Apple has now got the sassy, waving and princess emoji covered in all skintones (Picture: Apple)

Emojis in a full range of skin tones, as well as ones showing same-sex relationships, are finally coming to our keyboards.

Apple are said to be testing a Beta version of iOS 8 featuring an emoji update with characters in five skin tones. The tones are based on the Fitzpatrick scale, a standard recognised by dermatologists.

There’s also a yellow tone which is apparently a default emoji hue, not a horrendously inaccurate representation of Asian skin tone.

To activate the new skin colours, you hold down on the icon and simply select from a menu the one that best represents your sassy/angelic/thoughtful friend.

AD_161027373.jpg Choose from five skintones and a default yellow emoji (Picture: Apple)

The development comes following calls last year from software standards agency, Unicode Consortium, to improve the diversity represented by emojis.

Previously, there were just three icons to…

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