See North Korea Leader New Funny Haircut [PICS]

Tunez Media Blog


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un last Wednesday sent Twitter into a meltdown after photos of him rocking a new hairstyle and two hyphen-sized mini-brows went viral.

The Dear Leader had chosen a political meeting on Wednesday to show off his new cut.

At the meeting, he was all business, reportedly ordering acolytes to “wage an all-party intensive campaign against abuse of power, bureaucratism, irregularities and corruption,” but his hair had other ideas.

The unique creation sparked immediate speculation over what instructions Kim gave his hairdresser, and who exactly he looks to for inspiration.

Twitter users went in saying his new hairstyle looked like an old telephone, while another says it resembles a cross between 1990s rapper Vanilla Ice’s iconic cut and Donald Trump’s unique ‘do.

Mischievous web-users have been trolling the photo and even mocked up an image to show what President Barack Obama would look like if he sported…

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