Top 10 Glorious Reasons to Dance Hula & Tahitian

I just love this x

Pikake's School of Hula and Tahitian Dance

yellow dancer

  1. It’s Fun!! You may feel bored, tired, or bummed out before class, but afterwards, you’ll feel happy and energized! Dancing is good for your soul!
  2. It’s social – You’ll form a unique bond over your love of Polynesian dancing with the dancers in your class or troupe. Your new friends will cheer you on when you get that tricky move and celebrate with you after you finish an awesome class.
  3. It’s feminine and graceful. Women of all ages, sizes,  and fitness levels can learn how to move their bodies with goddess-like beauty. All that hip shaking isn’t about being sexy for someone else’s benefit. It’s about feeling strong, feminine and healthy in our beautiful bodies.
  4. It’s a great workout! This low impact style of dancing is a great form of cardio exercise. You will notice that you will develop increased tone in your butt, abs, legs and even arms.
  5. Stress buster –

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